God’s Mission – Matthew 28 Verse 19:  Go and make disciples in all of the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

My way of living out God’s mission has been through the filling of the Shoeboxes with Samaritan’s Purse.  I started filling shoeboxes on my own over 42 years ago, then involved family, and then with sharing the message and involving the community.  I noticed that when I shared my heart with potential donors, about how God impacted the kids receiving the boxes, it was also impacting donors as well.   

One of my fondest memories with shoeboxes was celebrating with a class of kids who had graduated from the discipleship program.  The villagers came out to partake of the festivities with the children who acted out Gospel skits, sang, preached, and read scripture.  The finishing touch to the end of the day was when the children told those watching how being baptized and following in the teachings of Jesus had changed their lives; but also, it had impacted their families and friends.  Their love of God, their devotion to learning scripture and excitement of spreading the teachings of Jesus has kept me going back numerous times.  

My own spiritual growth has only gotten stronger every time I venture out of my comfort zone to go where God has called me to go.  The truth being that when my plans change and I end up going someplace I didn’t expect to be, God was always there before me, preparing the way, showing me that I was where he needed me to be at the time he needed me to be there.  I have also come to the conclusion, that no matter how much I believe I am there to bless and minister to others, I also seem to be blessed beyond measure.   

I believed in the beginning of sending out shoeboxes, that they were going to children who were poor.  They had very little in the way of material good, had to go without food, water or medicine and had a very meager existence.  I was so right but also so wrong. In the beginning, I saw the families go from being hopeless with poverty to having a sense of hope for the future.  Then I saw healings done with prayer, families coming together singing and reaching out to each other with love. In the end, I saw families around the meal dish praying with thankfulness for what they had and looking forward to the future and what God had in store for them.