We believe prayer is essential to the health of our church.  Along with encouraging daily devotions and time of individual prayer, there are multiple ways in which you can get involved in our prayer ministries at Emmanuel.

E-Prayer Chain

When prayer requests come in to the church office, we like to notify our prayer team immediately.  An e-mail goes out to all those on our e-mail list and when possible they stop what they are doing to pray.  

Pre-service Prayer

You are welcome to join the Sunday morning ministry team before the service to pray.  The Prayer room opens at 9 am for reflective prayer, and then as more people arrive, it moves into corporate prayer for the service.

Sunday Morning Prayer Team

Although we believe praying for someone can take place at any time and in any place, every Sunday we like to provide people with an opportunity to be prayed for by someone.  The team is called forward at the end of most services to minister.

Fasting Mondays

Every Monday we encourage people who call Emmanuel their church home to take the day to fast.  And then, regardless of whether they meet with others or simply take time on their own, they pray for an hour in the evening for our church.

Worship and Prayer Services

A few times a year we have an evening service at the church that is focused specifically on worshipping through songs and praying for one another.


I would like to join the prayer team