Are you graduating high school in Spring 2021? Are you a parent of a student who is? Then this event is for you!

On Feb. 28 between 1-2:30, Faith @ Home is sponsoring an event to open up a conversation between parents and students about what adulthood will look like. Primarily we want this to be an easy way for students and parents to start talking about what their expectations are for post-grad, and what things will be like going forward. It's a crazy transition, and we want to help start a dialogue about that transition. We'll also be playing some games and we'll have a few giveaways!

Due to Covid, this event will be online on a Zoom Call, but there will also be a drive thru at Emmanuel church beforehand to pick up your package of materials and gifts, as well as a pizza to eat while we meet! Last day to sign up is Feb 24. 


Click HERE to sign up!