Sunday is Celebration Time

Our 10 am Sunday service is when our church community comes together at the beginning of the week. You are welcome to join us. We sing songs, tell encouraging stories about what's happening in the life of the church, we listen to a sermon (a teaching time) and offer prayer for anyone at the end of the service.  Once a month we take the Lord's supper together.   The service usually lasts just over an hour.  Segments of the service are available to view online on our website at 1 pm.

What to expect

There's a good chance you are greeted at the door by one of our hosts.  Our Common Grounds Coffee bar is open and provides a variety of options.  If you have any questions, you can find some helpful volunteers at our ConnectDesk, situated in the main lobby. Seats are not reserved in the auditorium, so you can sit where ever you would like.  The service starts with a welcome or announcement video and a pastor will dismiss you at its conclusion. There is no charge for being in church!  The offering is received each week as an act of worship to remind ourselves that God is our provider, and as a way to help support the ministries of the church.

Feel free to introduce yourself to people, and don't be surprised if people come up to greet you!  It's part of our church culture to strive to be friendly and community focused.


We have a program called Kingdom Kids for ages 3-11 during the service. Look for the big KIDS sign on the wall to find our registration table. There is also nursery for children ages 0-2, and a toddlers program as well.