Soup for sale!
On Sunday, November 29th, we are having Soup Sunday.  All proceeds and donations from soup sales go towards  a special missions fundraiser.  Our missions partners in Guatemala and Thailand have both come to us with an urgent need for pastors they work with.  These pastors are struggling to feed and care for their families as their churches have been shut down and they suddenly have no income.  These pastors need your help!

When:  November 29th for pick-up at noon
What:  Curry carrot soup or Chili   |   $10 per container
Preorder:  Email office@emmanuelchurch.life.
Emmanuel COVID Protocols

We are pleased to be able to offer opportunity for people to once again worship together with a desire to offer a safe space as we follow our Provincial Health Officer’s orders.

There will be no gathering of groups numbering more than 50.  All large-sized groups require registering online in advance through our website and check-in at the event.  Names and telephone numbers are required for the purpose of contact tracing, should it be required.  All guests that visit the church during the week are required to sign-up at the reception desk.The lobby and auditorium have clearly marked signage for a one-way flow of foot traffic to ensure that guests will not have contact with doors.   Chairs within the auditorium are organized in such a way to provide more than ample spacing between seated guests.

Sanitization stations are set up throughout our building for all services and gatherings.  All Youth and Children’s groups will be provided with multiple sanitization breaks throughout their events.

Yellow “Fun Dots” are found on the floor throughout our building.  These dots are placed 6 feet apart to remind people to be conscious of physical distancing.  Physical contact such as hugging or handshaking is not permitted.    (Air hugs, air high fives and elbow “chicken-winging”, along with lots of friendly waving is highly encouraged.) 

If a guest has any symptoms associated with COVID, has been in contact with an individual who has symptoms or has been tested as positive for COVID, they are asked to refrain from entering the building.  Youth or Children who are unable to attend school due to symptoms are not to attend events. If a guest has travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, they are asked to not enter our building until their quarantine period has concluded.

The wearing of masks is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

Washrooms:   The maximum numbers of individuals allowed at one time is posted outside every door. It is our top priority to provide a sterilized and sanitized space for each event.  Sanitization of high touch surfaces, furniture and washrooms is performed following each gathering.