We believe that true life is found in a journey with Jesus.  God has created you for a wonderful purpose and your life can be full and meaningful when fully engaged in Him.  We’d like to help you find your next steps on that journey.  Where might your next steps land?

Belonging to Jesus

Growing your relationship with God

Sharing with and discipling others

Belonging to Jesus


Where am I at spiritually?  What decision do I need to make?  

Are you curious about God and spiritual things?  Or maybe you feel a void in your life and wonder if there’s something more.  We believe there is, and the way to experience this is through a personal relationship with God’s son, Jesus.  

We invite you to discover what it means to belong to Jesus.  Click here to find out more.

Growing your relationship with God


What did I just decide to do?  Am I growing in my love for God and others?  Who am I becoming?  Who am I journeying with?  

A purpose-filled life is a life in which you are growing in your faith.  Jesus was the perfect example of how to live that life.  He spent time alone with God the Father.  He also showed that being in community with others is important and it’s how we best grow.  

We invite you to grow your relationship with God.  Click here to find out more.

Becoming a Disciple-maker


Who am I bringing along?  Am I living an imitatable life?

A follower of Jesus brings other people along to follow Jesus.  We are not interested in developing a family of consumers, but a family on mission, wanting to use their giftings to further the kingdom of God.  We want you to ask God deeper questions such as what He’s calling you to do and what you are going to do about it. 

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David Benner 

The Christian spiritual journey is a journey we take with others.  Each of us must take our own journey, and for each of us that journey will be unique. But none of us is intended to make that journey alone. The myth of the solitary Christian making his or her way alone to paradise flies in the face of everything the Bible teaches about the church as the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-31).

We are parts of one body as we follow Christ on the journey of personal transformation. We cannot make the journey apart from spiritual companions and community.