Everyone can have an encounter with the living God.  We find our lives when we find ourselves in the presence of Jesus Christ.  We develop a rhythm of being available to God’s presence through prayer, worship, teaching of the scriptures and spiritual practices.  



YouVersion App

Multiple Bible Versions, devotionals, and communities to help you with your Bible reading.

Bible Gateway

An online Bible with all the many different versions.  A great resource for study.

The Bible Project

A series of videos that help summarize the different books of the Bible and many of the key themes of Scriptures.

Our Weekly Teachings

Where you can find our Sunday sermons at Emmanuel, along with sermon notes to help you engage with the weekly teaching.

One Minute Pause App

An app that helps you practice quiet moments with God throughout the day.



The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry | John Mark Comer

An accessible introduction to spiritual disciplines.

 The Jesus-Shaped Life | Bob Rognlien 

An introduction to discipleship that focuses in on the way Jesus demonstrated a life with God.

Celebration of Discipline | Richard Foster

A classic book that walks the reader through all of the main spiritual disciplines.

Hearing God | Dallas Willard   

A wonderful introduction on how to hear and respond to the voice of God.

Simply Spirit-Filled | Andrew K. Gabriel 

A contemporary introduction to modern Pentecostal theology.

The Good and Beautiful Life | James Bryan Smith  

Another great resource for practicing everyday Christianity

Union with Christ | Rankin Wilbourne 

A compelling overview of the primary purpose of the Christian life.



Fight Hustle, End Hurry | John Mark Comer  

A young leader who focuses on spiritual disciplines for the modern world.

Bible Project | Tim Mackie  

From the creator of the Bible Project, discussions about themes and ideas in the Bible.

The Darrel Johnson Podcast | Darrell Johnson  

An excellent preacher who focuses in on the spiritual application of the Scriptures.

Christy Nockels | The Glorious Mundane 

A podcast that deals with Christian living in the everyday routines of life.

Your Daily Bible Verse

A podcast that walks you through a verse of the Bible in five minutes.



Lectio Divina (Devotional Reading)  

Lectio Divina is the practice of reading Scriptures in a devotional way.


A resource for how to "go with out" as a discipline while seeking God.

Prayers of Examen

A centuries old practice of prayerfully reflecting on your day before God.