Matthew 5:1-2; Matthew 7:24-29
A Vision For The People Of God

Politics is a very big deal these days.  In fact, some have suggested that politics has filled a void that was created by the absence of organized religion or faith.  Politics is basically a vision that different people have for the world.  In order to get people to commit to a vision and vote for them, a politician needs to have a stump speech--a recurring message that communicats what life would look like if they were in charge.

If Jesus was running for Prime Minister, what would his stump speech be?  The Sermon on the Mount is the likely answer.  This primary teaching of Jesus gives us a glimpse of the vision God has for humanity.  In the weeks ahead we are going to reflect on the platform and policies of Jesus.  In doing so, we need to come to terms with the challenge Jesus presents to us through his speech: will we recognize his authority in our lives and find wisdom in living out what he has taught?