A Culture of the mission

At Emmanuel we have developed a culture that is focused on missions. We desire to be a place where reaching people for Jesus and His kingdom is prioritized in schedules; where there is an abundance of generosity of time and resources given to missions; where there is an active daily engagement with the lost and the needy; where there is a desire to see people flourish - discovering the joy found in being made in the image of God and living the Jesus-shaped life.

Missions Partners

Missions is everywhere. It stretches from our backyard to pretty much every place on earth. But we can’t do missions alone. We’re committed to walking alongside missions partners that are doing good work both locally and globally. The people we are highlighting here are some of those that we cheer on through prayer, financial resources, and the sending of occasional missions teams. When selecting partners, there is some very specific criteria we look at such as:

1. Relationship. Do they have relationship with Emmanuel and/or are they with the PAOC?

2. Character.  Are they trustworthy? Have they proven effectiveness? Do they have spiritual discernment?

3. Charity number.  Do they have a recognized charity number?

4. Resonance.  Do they capture the missional imagination of our church?

5. Focus. What groups are they focused on:

a.  Least reached people groups

b.  Next generation ministries

c.  Poor and marginalized

d.  Urban centers

e.  Specific geographical location or cultural group

6.  Method.  What is their method of ministry:

a.  Reaching and Planting: Evangelism and starting new initiatives

b.  Caring: Helping those who are poor, marginalized, or in crisis

c.  Equipping:   Leadership development and skills training

7.  Diversity.  Do the partners we have cover all different types of ministry with a variety of focuses and methods?



Blessing different local, national, and global ministries

Emmanuel wants to be a blessing to different local, national, and global ministries. One way we do this is by raising money for projects that will help build the Kingdom of God. Project ideas are presented to the board either through church leadership, individual proposals, or the Missions Committee.

Short-Term Mission Trips
Opportunities through Emmanuel

Emmanuel believes in being actively involved in missions work, not only locally but also abroad. To fulfill this, we provide opportunities for those who call Emmanuel home to go on short-term missions (STM) trips. Typically, we like to go and work with our partners with whom we already have relationship. Scholarships are available for those going on a trip.  Please contact the church office if you woud like to apply for, or if you would like to give towards our missions scholarship.


Emmanuel encourages all followers of Jesus to be involved locally by spreading the gospel through word and action. Everyone can be involved on an individual basis engaging within our community. We also want to help provide opportunities for people to get involved as well through different events that we sponsor or by partnering with others in our community.


Emmanuel’s Missions are funded through our non-directed missions giving (Missions Emphasis Offering at the end of every month). The funds are distributed to our missions partners, projects and STM’s.


A group of volunteers make decisions about missions at Emmanuel. This committee is responsible for setting a budget, confirming who partners are and corresponding with them. As well, they keep the church informed about the partners, any special projects, and who is being highlighted for the Missions Emphasis Offering.


Throughout the month of February we will have a missions focus, raising awareness of our missions priorities, together with a goal of raising extra funds for missions. Specific missionaries and projects will be spotlighted.

Saved to serve, not to sit!

Click here to see a few of the other missional initiatives people at Emmanuel are involved in.  And it's not an exhaustive list!  If you would like to get involved, simply contact the church office and we'll point you in the right direction.

Other missional initiatives