Missions is everywhere!  Jesus modelled for us a life shaped around loving others and inviting them into a relationship with God.  In this light, here are some resources that will help you develop your mission mindset, and find places where you can love and serve well.  



Simply Christian | NT Wright

A basic introduction to the Christian life.

Broken Signposts | NT Wright

How to see what God is up to in our world.

The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission | John Dickson

A study on how we all contribute to the mission of God, but not in the same ways.

Mere Christianity | CS Lewis

A classic introduction to the basics of Christianity.

Surprise the World | Michael Frost

Practical ways that we can engage with neighbours and friends.

The Art of Neighboring | Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon

A book that encourages us to be more focused on those that we live near to.

The Hole in our Gospel | Richard Stearns

A persuasive appeal to be people who make a difference in our world because of our faith.



Emmanuel sponsors individuals and organizations both local and abroad.  We encourage you to engage with these partners through

  • Pray for them and supporting them through giving in the missions offering or giving to them directly.
  • Volunteer with them, or sit on one of their boards or advisory teams.
  • Connect with them out of friendship to find out more about them.
  • If they are in a foreign country, consider travelling to where they are at to help them on the ground with what they are doing.