Mission Thrift Store

A few people from Emmanuel volunteer at this thrift store in Kelowna.  All profits are earmarked for ministry around the globe.

Christmas Projects

Each year we challenge our congregation to submit Christmas boxes that are sent all around the world to children that are in poverty-stricken areas, or to the local community in need.


ERDO is a Christian organization that provides emergency relief all over the world by responding to people in crisis.  We will sometimes highlight their projects and encourage people to give.

Ministry Investors Group 

This program exists to assist smaller churches with purchasing property or doing construction or renovations of church buildings.  Many people donating small amounts of money can go a long way in helping churches across our district!

Compassion Canada

Although there are many child-sponsorship programs that we can be involved in, we have worked often with Compassion to provide sponsorships for children in all regions of the world.